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The Portugal Golden Visa program has been a popular investment scheme for foreign investors seeking residency in the European Union. Under the program, investors who meet certain criteria can obtain a residency permit in Portugal, allowing them to live and work in the country,, and travel freely within the Schengen area. The program has been a significant source of foreign investment for Portugal, particularly in the real estate market, and has contributed to the country's economic growth in recent years.

However, the Portuguese government announced its decision to end the Portugal Golden Visa program. The decision came amid concerns about the program's impact on the housing market and the need to focus on other areas of investment. Although there is confirmation that the Portugal Golden Visa program will be ending, the extent of the changes and whether it will be completely terminated is still unclear.

Portugal Golden Visa Ending: What You Need to Know

The Portugal Golden Visa program, which has been a significant source of foreign investment for the country, is coming to an end. This has sparked concerns and questions for those currently participating in the program or considering it. Here's what you need to know about the potential changes and what may happen next.

Changes to Golden Visa Application Process

The government has proposed changes to the Golden Visa Program that could potentially affect the program's future. The program will potentially be completely terminated.Other immigration programs, such as the D7 Visa or Digital Nomad Visa, may or may not be impacted if these measures are approved.

However, it's important to note that the current law is expected to remain unchanged for at least the next 45 days as of February 16th, 2023. At present, neither the government nor Parliament is privy to the exact nature of the final amendments to the law. It is still unclear when the proposed changes will take effect or what the final wording of the law will be.

Current Golden Visa Holders in Portugal

If you're a current Golden Visa holder in Portugal, there's good news. The government aims to renew existing Golden Visa cases but add extra requirements to use Golden Visas to address the housing issue. This means that the changes proposed may not impact your current residency status in Portugal.

Grace Period for Golden Visa Holders

It's also important to note that even if the changes are approved, there may be a grace period for current Golden Visa holders to adjust to the new requirements. However, the timing of the implementation of the amendments is not announced yet, so it's unclear how long this grace period may be.

Implications for the Portuguese Real Estate Market

The Golden Visa program has played a significant role in the growth of the Portuguese real estate market over the last decade. With the program's impending end, the real estate market is expected to be one of the sectors most affected.

Real estate investments have been the most popular way to obtain a Golden Visa, accounting for over 90% of all issued visas. However, the Portugal Golden Visa ending is not likely to cause a sharp drop in real estate investment.

The demand for luxury properties in major cities like Lisbon and Porto is not expected to drop significantly, as the number of transactions by Golden Visa applicants constituted for a negligible portion of all transactions. This will probably not lead to a drop in property prices, contrary to what the government expects

Portugal Golden Visa ending could also have wider implications for the Portuguese economy. The program has been a major driver of foreign investment and has contributed significantly to the country's GDP. Its end could lead to a reduction in foreign investment and a slowdown in economic growth.

Overall, the implications for the Portuguese real estate market and economy are significant. It remains to be seen how the market will adapt to the end of the Golden Visa program and whether alternative investment programs will be able to fill the void left by the program's end.

Economic Impact of Ending Golden Visa Program

The potential termination of the Golden Visa program in Portugal could have significant economic consequences. The program has been a crucial driver of foreign investment in the country, particularly in the real estate sector. According to the Portuguese Real Estate Professionals and Brokers Association, the program has attracted close to 7 billion in investment and created thousands of jobs since its introduction in 2012.

If the program ends, Portugal could see a significant decline in foreign investment. As a result, the country could experience economic stagnation, higher unemployment, and a slowdown in the real estate market. This could affect not only those involved in the real estate sector but also other industries, such as construction and tourism.

In addition, the termination of the program could lead to a loss of government revenue. The program has generated millions of euros in revenue from application fees and taxes on real estate purchases. The government would need to find alternative sources of revenue to offset this loss.

Another potential consequence of ending the Golden Visa program is the impact on Portugal's international reputation as an investment-friendly country. The program has attracted investors from around the world, and its termination could send a negative message to the global investment community.


In conclusion, the Golden Visa program has been a significant contributor to Portugal's economic growth and real estate market. The potential termination or changes to the program can have far-reaching implications, impacting both the country's economy and those who have invested in it. While the government has not yet provided clarity on the program's future, it is crucial to stay informed and prepared for any changes that may come. We recommend consulting with legal and financial experts to explore alternative investment options and navigate any potential consequences. Overall, the Golden Visa program has been a unique opportunity for investors worldwide, and it remains to be seen how the program's end or changes will impact Portugal's future as a real estate investment destination.

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