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Top Benefits of a Sewer Scope Inspection

07 Feb 2023, 20:06 GMT+10

In the United States, demand for septic, drain, and sewer cleaning services is high enough to create a market worth over $6 billion each year. More than 33,000 people work at more than 6,000 businesses around the country that provide these valuable services. One of the most valuable things these companies do is provide sewer scope inspection.

The majority of people have no idea how many benefits sewer scope inspection can provide. Depending on your own sewer line situation, you might want to schedule one right away. On top of that, sewer scope inspection might be the perfect way to decrease collateral damage when you are managing a problem with your plumbing.

So what are the biggest reasons a sewer scope inspection can be so valuable? Read on to learn all about the top benefits of scheduling a sewer scope inspection!

Find Lost Items With a Sewer Line Camera

Some people schedule a sewer line inspection to manage a clog in their sewer line. However, they sometimes discover a lost valuable by mistake. Some people find old rings or pieces of jewelry.

Most homes have not had a sewer line inspection for a long time. That means that you may even find valuables that did not belong to you. The previous residents of the building may have left behind valuables in the pipes without realizing it.

Diagnose a Clogged Sewer Line

When you have a clogged sewer line, there are a huge number of possible causes. Depending on what is causing your problem, your contractor will need to choose between different possible solutions.

If you try to fix your problem without figuring out the exact cause first, your efforts are much more likely to fail. On top of that, you might do unnecessary damage to your sewer lines if you apply the wrong solution.

Avoid Delays Due to Permits

Some kinds of sewer inspections require you to file for permits first. At the very least, this can add an inconvenient delay to your repair process.

If there are any mistakes with your application, then you can end up waiting even longer before you are allowed to perform an inspection or repair. In the meanwhile, you will not be able to resolve your sewer line issues.

Keep Your Lawn in Great Shape

In the past, the normal way to investigate a sewer line problem was to dig a trench up and down a section of the pipe. In most cases, that meant digging up the lawn on the property.

Unfortunately, many people are still managing sewer line problems this way. This kind of approach can cause huge amounts of unnecessary collateral damage.

Your lawn might require years before it returns to its previous condition. Digging up your lawn can destroy shrubs and trees if they are in the way.

On top of that, the whole process takes much longer than necessary. Once it is done, you will have to pay for the incredible amount of labor involved in such an intensive process.

However, you can avoid all of this by investigating your sewer line from the inside out. Your contractors can use a plumbing line video camera to examine every inch of your pipeline until they find the cause of your problems.

Invest in Flood Prevention

It is possible that your home sewer pipeline has leaks in it that you do not know about. Many pipelines appear to work normally for a long time, even after they develop small leaks. The sewage seeping out can leak into your lawn, but the dirt on top of it will often keep you from figuring out what is going on.

However, if it takes you too long to discover these leaks, they will tend to get bigger and bigger. Left alone for long enough, these pipes may eventually burst in a big way and flood your lawn. If you don't have flood zone VE insurance, flooding can be very expensive.

However, when you receive a sewer line inspection, your contractor will discover any breaks in the pipeline. This can help you prevent floods from happening in the first place.

It can also help you resolve these breaks while they are still small. That can make the repair process much faster and more affordable. If you wait until a huge problem comes up before getting a sewer line inspection, you will have to pay a much higher price for more extensive repairs.

Prevent Unexpected Delays

Many contractors will diagnose problems with your pipeline without using a camera sewer inspection. Although some of these diagnostic techniques can be effective, they are often less reliable than a visual inspection with a camera.

As a result, you might find that your contractor makes a mistake in diagnosing your problem. When that happens, they will usually try to apply the wrong solution to fix your problem. In the course of applying this solution, they will often discover their misdiagnosis.

At this point, they will need to start over and try to diagnose the problem again. Once they figure out what is going on, they may need to apply a much lengthier repair.

However, a sewer scope inspection will diagnose your problem with the highest degree of accuracy. That means that it will be much easier to estimate how long it will take to solve your problem.

Enjoy the Biggest Benefits of Sewer Scope Inspection

It can be amazing to discover how many different benefits sewer scope inspection can provide. The more you know about sewer scope inspection, the better you can assess if you should schedule one for your own situation. Sewer scope inspection is a powerful way to understand the precise cause of your plumbing problems.

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