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Why Can't I See My Lab Results On LabCorp?

18 Jan 2023, 23:21 GMT+10

If your lab tests are coming back as complete messes, you're not alone. When it comes to understanding your lab results, most patients can use their own intuition, even if it takes a few tries to get the hang of it. A patient who struggles with understanding their lab results is not alone. Many other patients also have this problem. But don't worry - there's a solution! LabCorp requires physicians to manually read and interpret lab data before they will release test results. This can lead to days of waiting for test results, and frustration for patients who want answers right away. To help make this process easier on our physicians and improve patient flow through the laboratory, we implement several restrictions that prevent some of our patients from seeing their lab results on LabCorp. Generally speaking, these restrictions are put in place because when many of our patients see their labs on LabCorp they often react negatively to what they see - which could potentially cause an emotional response from that patient that might not be indicative of their true situation or Health status.

Why can't I see my lab results on LabCorp?

You may not be able to see your lab results on LabCorp if your physician has blocked them. If your doctor has blocked your results, you'll see a message like this when you try to view your lab results: Blocked Results. Your doctor has the discretion to block your results based on their own judgment of how you will react to the information. Once your doctor has blocked your results, there's no way to unblock them. If you would like your physician to unblock your results, you'll have to have that conversation with them. If you're having trouble seeing your results, you can always contact the office that processed your request and ask how they are doing.

Your physician needs to approve your request

When you request to see your lab results, your doctor needs to manually grant your request and unblock them. You won't see your lab results unless and until your physician unblocked them. But you may want to take a step back here and ask yourself why you want to see your lab results in the first place. Maybe you want to share your health status with your doctor, or maybe you'd just rather have the information at your fingertips. Make sure you have a clear reason for wanting to see your lab results. There may be other options that would allow you to get the information you need without requiring your doctor to unblock your results.

How to request your lab results be unblocked

You can request your lab results be unblocked any time from your own mylabcorp login account. Just sign in, click the "View Lab Results" button, choose your request, and select "Request for Unblocking." When you request to unblock your lab results, your doctor will receive an email requesting that they unblock your results in their LabCorp account. You'll want to include the following information: - Patient's name and LabCorp account number - Reason for the unblocking (e.g., a patient wants to see their results, etc.) - Any specific instructions your physician should follow in order to unblock your results (e.g., reference patient's last name, address, or date of the test, etc.) If you do not include this information when you request to unblock your results, your request will likely be denied. If your request is denied, you can always request to unblock your results again.

Some restrictions are temporary and others are permanent

Some restrictions are temporary, and others are permanent. Once you have a restricted result, you cannot change that restriction. Temporary restrictions have an expiration date. Once that date passes, you will be able to unblock your lab results and see them on LabCorp. Temporary restrictions are usually associated with a specific medical situation or a particular test. Once that situation or test changes, the restriction will automatically lift and you'll once again be able to see your results.

Don't assume that you're restricted because of Core Reporting Restrictions

Some patients assume that they're restricted because of Core Reporting Restrictions. But LabCorp reporting restrictions are not based on core values. Reporting restrictions are decided by your doctor, and they may have a more specific reason for blocking you from seeing your results. The doctors at centura health portal use it as well, and it helps them stay in touch with their patients.If you have difficulty seeing your results, you can always contact the office that processed your request and ask how they are doing. Your physician may have an explanation for the block that you can understand better.


Lab results can be confusing, especially when a patient is not receiving any explanation of their condition or treatment. LabCorp physicians may choose to keep their patient's lab results blocked so that they are not bombarded with information that could be upsetting or upsetting. Lab results can be complicated, and they can also be difficult to understand. It can be helpful to talk to your doctor about them or use LabChart. LabCorp uses automated testing and interpretation, so you should not expect to understand your results without help. There are many reasons why your lab results may be blocked, though they may also be because they are inaccurate or negative. It's important to understand the reason behind any block, so that you don't become too frustrated with the situation.

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