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The Implementation Of Tech In Daily Life

14 Jan 2023, 13:46 GMT+10

Modern technology has altered the ways we live, work, and play. Televisions were once the pinnacle of technology in many American homes during the 1990s. 15% of homes in 1989, according to the Census Bureau, possessed a personal computer. 2011 saw a rise in this percentage to 75%. Due to the widespread use of emails, video conferencing, smartphones, and laptops in modern offices, workers from the past would not recognize them.


The world of communication is one of the areas where technology has had the most influence. It used to be challenging to communicate with individuals outside of your immediate area; and it required letters and a lot of patience. Professional communication during most of the 20th century consisted of letter writing, faxing, or phone calls. As we all use youtube, Instagram and many social media platforms.



  • Every country needs a strong banking industry to function. Over the last few years, technology has altered the banking landscape. Debit/credit cards, mobile banking, internet banking, chat boxes, and other digital banking services are now heavily utilised by customers for analysing the implementation of tech.
  • Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other advancements have made all these online banking services possible.


The Internet and computers have revolutionised schooling. Computers can fit enormous amounts of data into a small area, making a single flash drive the size of a shelf of reference materials. They make information presentation more effective and facilitate more efficient instruction. Lessons and lectures can be posted in written or video form on websites, increasing accessibility.

Record Retrieval and Storage

Another important application of technology is the keeping and retrieval of records. Today, there is an amount of data because of technological improvements. Electronic databases are to store and retrieve this data. Most businesses now use computerised databases instead of paper files.


Another important application of technology is in healthcare. The likelihood that treatments to save lives will be effective has grown because of medical technology. People now live longer and enjoy a better quality of life thanks to modern medical technology. Today's immunizations are highly effective and quickly alleviate any medical condition.


  • The Internet has completely changed how we live. It has grown to be essential to our daily lives. We utilise the Internet for communication, entertainment, banking and trade, job searching, and information storing and retrieval.
  • Before the Internet, the news required going to the store and purchasing newspapers. But today, everyone accesses the most recent information with a few clicks.

Robotics and automation

Robotics and automation are other significant applications of technology. Many businesses now employ autonomous robots to manufacture their products. Additionally, it helps with warehouse logistics, building security, and office cleaning.


  • Shopping at the market is a dated practice. Nowadays, consumers purchase online and on their mobile devices. Many online shopping options entice customers to make purchases from the comfort of their homes.
  • Now that you can use the Internet to make purchases whenever you want, you don't need to wait for a holiday to go shopping. Just a few examples include popular websites for online shopping like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others. We also use Instagram and youtube to enhance your brand, to become an influencer on social media platforms visit here.




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