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Use This Handbook To Learn About Ethical Investing

30 Dec 2022, 14:15 GMT+10

Ethical investing is an investment approach that focuses on the environmental and social impact of the companies investors choose to invest in. It involves deciding where to put your money based on values and beliefs rather than just focusing on financial returns. In short, it's about aligning your investments with what you view as important. In this post, you will learn about ethical investing and why it's so important.

Understanding the Basics of Ethical Investing

Approaches To Ethical Investing

The concept of ethical investing has been around for some time, but in recent years it has gained more traction among investors. There are a few different approaches you can take when it comes to ethical investing. First, "negative screening" approaches involve avoiding investments in companies or industries that may be deemed unethical or socially irresponsible (e.g., tobacco, weapons manufacturing).

The second approach is called "positive screening." The approach carefully evaluates a company's financial performance, considering sustainability measures, workplace conditions, environmental policies, and charitable activities. This review allows investors to select companies that align with their values while still being financially strong. Additionally, investing in companies mindful of reducing their carbon emissions, creating healthier workplaces, and contributing to society can reap long-term rewards by bolstering the market's overall sustainability.

Sustainable vs. Ethical Investing

It's important to note that ethical investing isn't necessarily synonymous with sustainable investing-although they are related concepts. For example, sustainable investing typically considers a company's overall environmental impact, whereas ethical investing focuses more on how the company behaves ethically toward its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, etc.). Therefore, sustainable investments may not necessarily be considered "ethical" if the company's behavior isn't up to par with specific standards of conduct.

Personal Reflection & Independent Research

In addition to making decisions reflecting on their beliefs and values, many investors also look at external ratings from trustworthy organizations when selecting investments for their portfolio. These ratings objectively assess whether a particular company meets specific criteria for ethical investments-such as labor rights practices or corporate governance-and can help investors make informed decisions about where to invest their money.

Ethical Investments & Profitability

Maintain Your Financial Outlook

Investing ethically does not mean you have to lower your financial goals. Far from it. Savvy investors realize that investing in environmentally responsible companies can still make money while exercising an ethical conscience. In addition, studies have shown that the stocks of companies with ethical values often outperform those without them, resulting in higher investment returns.

Avoid Short-term Fluctuation

Additionally, because these types of investments are often long-term strategies, you do not have to worry about market fluctuations weakening the value of your investment portfolio. Whether you believe in their production methods or not, investing ethically can be a viable-and profitable-investment decision for individuals and corporations alike.

Conclusion: Invest In A Better World

Ethical investing is a fantastic opportunity for investors to ensure their money goes into companies and industries they believe in and support. By considering factors such as environmental impact and corporate governance practices when selecting investments for their portfolio, investors can ensure they put their money towards causes they care about while aiming for financial returns. So whether you're looking to avoid specific industries or invest in ones with positive social impacts, ethical investing is one way to ensure your money is being used responsibly and sustainably.


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