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Top Residential Uses for LED Light Strips

27 Dec 2022, 01:13 GMT+10

LED light strips are not simply lights, they are your perfect home decor partner. Gone are the days when lights had just one purpose - to illuminate a dark area. LED lights are swiftly replacing all traditional lighting tools like tube lights, fluorescent bulbs, etc. They work perfectly to lighten up an area with grace giving it a super-contemporary feel. LED lights can be used to accentuate the appearance and transform any boring place into an impressive abode.

LED strip lights are being used for festive seasons and at commercial places for a very long time now. But, the use of LED lights for jazzing up any residential area is also increasing rapidly. If you have still not utilized this most amazing piece of home decor to give your home a more homely feeling, let us tell you how you can do it now. Here, we list the top trends in using LED strip lights for residential purposes.

Highlighting the Corners of the Living Area

The living area of a house is called a living area for a reason; most of the time of residents, as well as guests, is spent in that area. This is the place that sets the vibe of your entire home. Without a doubt, your living area needs special attention. One of the best ways of lighting up the mood of your living area is to highlight the corners of your living hall with LED light strips. Highlighting the corners of a room not only enhances the beauty of the room but also gives it a bigger room. Adding just one element can completely transform your living area.

Lighting up Bookshelves, and Display Area

Another popular and effective way of adding beauty to your home with LED light strips is bookshelf lighting or display lighting. This simply means illuminating your bookshelf or a display shelf with LED light strips to give them an outstanding and clean appearance. The best way to do bookcase lighting is to paint the shelves the same color as your wall and then highlight their appearance with LED light strips. You should add LED light strips at the top back of each shelf. Adopting this style will transform your simple bookshelf into an elegant piece of home decor.

Illuminate Your BedHead

A bedroom is a place where we seek utmost peace and comfort. We can tackle the stress and worries of our fast-paced life the whole day but when we return home at the end of the day we seek comfort in our bedroom. You can make this place your relaxing sanctuary by adding some warm feelings of comfort. You can make your bedroom feel cozy and welcoming by choosing the right way of illuminating it. A very simple way of doing this is to place a recessed LED light strip behind your bed. The light will accent the empty wall and give a neutral flush finish. Adding this light to your bedroom ensures that you get that cozy feeling and sleep well to relax your body and mind.

Minimizing Glare with Under Cabinet Lighting

One of the most popular LED lighting systems is under-cabinet led lighting. This is by far the most effective and trustworthy way of beautifying a kitchen. A kitchen is one of the most important parts of a house but we cannot do much to transform the look of this space. Our kitchen is already filled with so many items of use that adding any decorative item will only increase the clutter. So, the best way to accentuate the look of a kitchen is to decorate it with lights. The best decorative light for a kitchen is under-cabinet lighting. You must know that under cabinet lights do not just add beauty but also minimize the glare due to light reflecting from countertops and makes the cooking experience a little more soothing.

Lighting up the Bathroom for Perfect Selfies

Just a few years back bathrooms were the most neglected area when it came to interior decoration. A bathroom never crossed our imagination while talking about home decor. Thanks to candid bathroom selfies flooding the internet, today all of us want a bathroom where we can take our selfies or create a short reel for social media. This is the reason, people are now paying attention to making their bathrooms picture-ready. You can enhance the look of your bathroom and your bathroom selfie just by adding LED light strips around your big bathroom mirror. You can also highlight your bathroom shelf with LED lights if you want to add some extra decor feel to your bathroom.


LED lights are so versatile that you only need a little bit of creativity to use them to enhance and transform the look of any corner of your home. We discussed just a few trends above to give you a hint as to how others are transforming their home with LED light strips. Let us know what are you going to do with LED light strips in your home.


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