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UK driving licence photo

17 Dec 2022, 12:29 GMT+10

A new driving licence photo has been introduced in the UK. The new photo is a passport-sized photo and is required for all driving licence holders. It will be used by the police to help identify people committing crimes such as fraud, drink-driving, and drug offences.

The new driving licence photo will also help to prevent terrorists from entering the country. This is because it will be more difficult for them to use false identity documents that are not close to their real appearance.


The UK driving licence photo is a head and shoulders portrait taken in colour. The person must be facing the camera, with their head up and looking straight ahead.

The photo should not be retouched or digitally enhanced in any way. It should also not show any signs of a beard or moustache, unless the person has permission from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA).


The UK driving licence photo is a photo of the driver, taken in front of a background that has been approved by the Secretary of State.

The photo must not be more than six months old. The driver must have their head and shoulders in the picture, with their face looking forward, and their eyes open. They should also be wearing a shirt or blouse with sleeves and collar, or a jacket or coat.

The driver should not wear any glasses which completely cover their eyes. Their hair should not hide any part of their face, so it should be short enough for this to happen.

Change in UK driving licence photo

The new UK driving licence photo is a significant change from the old one. The new photo features a person's full face, whereas the old one was just half of it.

The UK government has made this decision for security reasons and to stop fraudsters from using fake photos to get a licence.

Same to passport photo

The UK driving licence photo is a passport size photo of the person, which is taken after they have passed the driving theory test.

The UK driving licence photo has to be taken in front of a plain white background, with a neutral facial expression. The person should not wear glasses or any other accessories. The photo should not be digitally manipulated or retouched.

The person's name and date of birth should appear on the photo, as well as the issuing postcode and date of issue.

The photo on the UK driving licence is a photo of the person. It must be a colour photograph, taken against a light background, with the person facing the camera and looking straight ahead.

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Year of representation

The UK driving licence is a form of identity document issued in the United Kingdom by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) to people who have passed the required driving test. It was introduced on 1 January 1934 as a replacement for the earlier car ownership certificate.

The photo that is displayed on a UK driving licence is taken at the time of application and is digitally scanned at high resolution to produce a machine readable code at its bottom right corner. The photo must be taken in colour, frontal, looking straight ahead, with no head covering or facial hair, and with no other objects obscuring any part of the face or head.

Important for life

The UK driving licence photo is a digital image of the driver's face. The photo is taken by a camera at the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) when you apply for your driving licence.

The UK driving licence photo is one of the most important documents in your life. It is what people will see when they stop you to ask for identification or when they want to confirm that you are old enough to buy alcohol or rent a car. It also features on your passport, so it's important that it looks good!

For safe purposes

The UK driving licence photo has been a controversial topic for years. With the new changes to the UK driving licence, the photo is now more than just a passport-style photograph.

The new UK driving licence will have a number of security features to make it harder to forge and use for identity fraud. These features include an image of the driver's face from three different angles, their signature, and a barcode containing their personal information.

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