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7 Ways To Calm Nerves Before A Job Interview

15 Dec 2022, 20:14 GMT+10

  1. Get Walking!

Whether you have a virtual or in-person interview, it's crucial to relax your body and mind. Take a quick walk around your block or building, or if you want a double dose of endorphins, try running! Fresh air and the outdoors can help you approach any interview with a clear mind and a level head.

  1. Enact Using The S.T.O.P. Method

Deemed the ultimate way to mentally reprogram yourself to get anything done, this is what the abbreviation stands for:

*S- Stop everything you're currently doing and focus on the upcoming task.

*T- Take deep breaths slowly.

*O- Observe how your body and mind feels while noting your emotions at play.

*P- Proceed to use your intentions and make them actionable.

This technique allows you to slow your system down and focus on doing things deliberately. It gives you full power and control over how you react even in the most stressful situations.

  1. Prepare Ahead For Worst-Case-Scenarios

One of the reasons that we all feel overwhelmed in stressful situations is due to not knowing how to react in a worst-case-scenario. Stay ahead of the game by creating a game plan you can enact if or when the worst happens. For example, if you worry about looking unkempt before your big interview, pack a mirror! Are you concerned you can't answer all questions quickly in the desired manner? If so, practice providing snappy answers that cover your lack of knowledge. By knowing how to react in a high pressure scenario, you allow your mind and body to relax and slip into your interview role.

  1. Create A Quick Set Of Notes

Never head into an interview without preparing for the task! Create a cheat sheet that outlines all of the details you could possibly need for your interaction. Make note of the name of the manager, the date and time of the interview, what three things you want to achieve, and any potential questions you may feel are worth asking that will help you to grow your engineering career.

  1. Look Forward To Something After

Reward yourself by planning to do something after your interview. Planning a special event gives you something to focus on instead of feeling nervous and simply bumbling your way through the process. Think of what relaxes you- whether a good movie, relaxing spa massage or a nice dinner! Having an event to look forward to refocuses your worries and your fears while channeling something positive into your mind instead.

  1. Start With A Healthy Meal

Before your interview, make sure that you eat well. A healthy meal stocked with antioxidants packs a great punch for your rocky interview ahead. Of course, some people feel more at ease indulging in their favorite junk foods or dessert. Whatever makes you feel more relaxed and focused is the way to go! After all, you could never focus your efforts wholeheartedly if your stomach is rumbling from hunger...

  1. Plan A Pep Talk For Yourself

Motivate yourself by talking to yourself, which may sound abnormal but is actually scientifically guaranteed to work! Tell yourself all of the things you need or want to hear. This may include things like: you've got this or you're the most qualified person for this job. Make sure your inner voice says everything with a healthy dose of confidence. This eliminates the potential for disaster and allows your mind to really feel immersed in the process.

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