Sat, 30 Sep 2023

It is easier to grow your business to new folds right now than ever before and we recommend you to step into the ecosystem and see what the fuss is about. There are a lot of technological advancements happening right now, and they will shape how businesses will operate in the upcoming decade and how consumers will perceive them.

App developers in New York are ready to break through and see how AR will play a bigger role across various kinds of businesses. The future looks promising. Keep reading as we dive deeper into augmented reality and how it will shape the coming decade.

The metaverse is in

Every discourse is attached to the metaverse and the industry it promises to be revolutionary - opening new gates for businesses and consumers. And augmented reality (AR) plays an integral role in the foundation of the metaverse. AR enables the digital and physical world to connect together and helps the blockchain system thrive to new ranks. Here is a more detailed overview:

  • Creating 3D models, and enabling other kinds of digital products
  • Labelling avatars
  • Giving surroundings an extra dimension

And basically, give a better life to characters present in the metaverse. The AR when integrated into the metaverse means that consumers can feel an actual presence in a 3D manner. Your brain is convinced to believe otherwise and there is no harm as well. Sounds perfect? It is.

Utilize AR glasses

Consumer experiences in this capitalistic world are ever-evolving and more than the concept of AR. We suggest you look into the wearable market as a whole. It is promising. By 2025 - the AR smart glasses market is projected to reach around $6.21 billion by 2026 with an annual growth rate of over 13.34%.

And think big. AR glasses are used in fitness situations and gaming activities. As well as being an eCommerce assistant or enabling location-based apps to prosper further. And it is not a niche market. Even Apple has considered stepping in, and an AR-glasses-based product will soon be out there.

And when we talk about thinking big - try putting your own digital product into context and see if an custom software development company is willing to collaborate. Share insights and eventually release a product that is both innovative and market ready.

See how capable AR mobile apps are

Augmented reality first became a worthwhile idea when apps starting adapting the technology and embraced what it had to offer. And now, as you look around, even the most popular social media apps such as Snapchat, consider AR as a fundamental part of their business.

There is a reason why every user is attached to the filters and effects on these platforms. They are all enabled by augmented reality. Even a simple task such as buying a house can be done in a better way through apps that integrate AR. The IKEA app being an example.

Furthermore - the marketplace for such mobile apps seems incredible so far. Apps that are embedded with AR and actual standalone AR apps both. There are millions of users and there is potential. It is up to you how you collaborate with a software development company in Houston.

Look into the AR gaming ecosystem

Augmented reality as a concept was initially heard of in Pokemon Go and we all remember the hype around it. The cultural phenomenon that Pokemon Go was is because of augmented reality. And over the years, the technology has evolved and gaming companies have realized the kind of potential they are dealing with. Gaming on smartphones is not limited to casual ones anymore.

You can play a fully-built game with an interesting storyline and cutting-edge graphics and you will still be on the go with your phone. In fact, the experience will be much more immersive and interactive. Augmented reality is designed to cultivate a whole new generation of gamers. Keep an eye out for the horizon.


Overall - the AR market is present across different streams and you can see that even a Flutter app development company at this point is more than enabled to create a digital product that would include augmented reality as a fundamental part. You do not necessarily have to step into any of the markets we mentioned.

Find your own particular niche and try to figure out how AR could help in presenting your product in a better way. Ask questions and reflect. Does your audience need it? Will it help you upscale? Is it a unique idea? Once you get the answers, move forward.

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