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Complex Regional Pain Syndrome can be debilitating for a number of reasons. A large portion of patients has a difficult time arriving at a diagnosis after exhausting other avenues. The unfortunate symptoms of this syndrome have led it to be nicknamed the suicide disease. Pain can be so intense that it all but disables an individual. The treatment of this condition differs by the individual as each patient might react differently to each. Opioids are used to help manage pain but not all CRPS patients react well to these. The chance of addiction is quite high as it would be nearly impossible not to be addicted to being nearly pain-free. The following are things you should know about living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome.

Related Symptoms To CRPS

Pain is not the only symptom of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Brain fog along with memory loss is often reported. Combatting this can be done through technology to set certain reminders. Insomnia is also frequently noted which can contribute to anxiety conditions which are also quite common. PTSD is another symptom as CRPS is truly a traumatic condition to have to deal with at any point in your life. The fact that there is no concrete cause of the syndrome contributes to the fear of it.


During the first few years of having the syndrome, a large majority of patients see a reduction in pain. With this being said, around 15 percent of CRPS sufferers see no reduction in pain. Most individuals might have different diagnoses due to the similarities of symptoms for related conditions. Figuring out that you have CRPS early can help avoid muscle wasting away in the affected areas.

Physical therapy can help the areas that are impacted to avoid long-term issues. Utilizing a pool can be so important to exercise with low impact on the joints. Medications like NSAIDs and antidepressants are prescribed commonly. Opioids are used as well but seeking these can be viewed as addictive behavior by healthcare professionals. The misconceptions about CRPS can lead some to think that there is no real pain. Most outside of the medical profession might not understand how a chronic pain condition impacts all aspects of life.

Looking for treatment might present some challenges as you want a provider near your home. The Spero Clinic which offers top CRPS Arkansas treatments notes," Our treatment process is not focused on managing nor suppressing pain. We do not feel like that approach is a permanent sustainable solution. The goal of our treatment is to rehabilitate the Central Nervous System, allowing the body to heal from within." The clinic provides all-inclusive tools that can help manage the various aspects of your syndrome. A sense of community can be present which is so important as patients might even be able to support one another. Identifying with others can be so important as you might feel alone and in pain for a large portion of the time.

Finding Support For Yourself

Finding support for yourself mentally can be so important when dealing with a chronic condition. Luckily, those that suffer have the ability to try to find those suffering from the condition online. You need to find and form a support system due to the suicide statistics of those with this chronic pain condition. Depression is a common issue that sufferers of CRPS deal with regularly. Anxiety is another mental health problem associated with the chronic pain associated with CRPS.

Professional help is likely the best avenue if you have not found relief from support groups. Cognitive behavioral therapy is used commonly to help a person cope with living in pain daily. Therapy might teach coping mechanisms and how to think in terms of your pain.

Do not rely on substances to take the pain away like that of alcohol. Alcohol when abused can wreak havoc on a person's body along with the nervous system. Alcohol is also one of the only substances that can kill a person with withdrawal. You do not want to add to the pain you regularly suffer with a massive hangover.

Family members that help you manage your pain need to find support as well. A family member suffering daily and requiring extra care can be quite a task to take on. Support groups are also available for caregivers of people with chronic conditions. Frustration can boil over so it is important to show appreciation to caregivers as it is a very difficult job.

Living with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome is going to present a number of challenges. Dedicate yourself to your recovery and exhaust all treatment avenues. Creating a great team of doctors and a support system is an essential part of managing a chronic pain condition.

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