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Do You Need a Skin Care Routine?

06 Aug 2022, 02:02 GMT+10

The question is - Do You Need a Skin Care Routine? And a quick answer is a huge YES!!! Of course, not only you but everyone needs a regular skincare routine. A daily skincare routine helps maintain your skin regardless of skin type. Moreover, it deals with specific skin concerns such as acne, scarring, and dark spots. Investing in a skincare routine will help protect your skin and make you look great throughout the year.

Wants Vs. Needs

Several people worldwide can willingly spend thousands of dollars on extensive skincare routines. In this world where people are prioritizing self-care, a lengthy and pampering skincare routine might be a perfect solution for you. If that's you, we aren't going to tell you otherwise or try to stop you.

Everybody has different skin, and thus, no solution will work for everyone. First, you must understand your skin needs and what will work for you. For an individual, it could mean applying ten skincare products over each other without any side effects. For another person, it could easily trigger problems such as irritation and sensitivity.

Quality Over Quantity

Speak to a dermatologist, and he will repeat this sentiment. When carefully chosen quality products are combined with consistent application, it results in the most efficient skincare routine. The skin product you select should have a purpose, and be aware of that purpose. It turns out that it is possible to have a skincare routine that includes 3 to 4 products.

A must is a great & gentle cleanser, and this step shouldn't be skipped. Please take it as a foundation for your routine. Serums are crucial when things get a bit serious - a good antioxidant or vitamin c in the am will provide your skin a notable boost. At night, an active ingredient will help you to regenerate and amplify cell turnover.

Benefits of a Skincare Routine

Our skin bears great damage when we go out in our daily lives. The microbes and pollutants floating in the air can enter our pores from the sun's ultra-violet rays to the weather. A quality skincare routine will help you to eliminate some of these damages. A proper skincare routine utilizing the correct and quality products provides tons of advantages, such as the following:

  • Softer Skin: Who does not love soft skin? When you do not hydrate, your skin will dry and get itchy. A good skincare routine with quality products will make your skin feel soft and smooth.
  • Fewer Acne or Blemishes: Cleansing your skin regularly is an ideal way of eliminating oil, bacteria, and dirt from your skin (a prime cause of acne). Moreover, a daily skincare routine will provide you with clear skin.
  • Look Younger: As we age, our skin regenerates and repairs skin a lot more slowly than when we were young. This means that you will look less youthful and radiant. A quality skincare routine helps in washing away old & dead skin cells, which allows the younger cells to appear in the topmost skin layer.
  • Feel Good, Look Good: When our skin glows and those wrinkles and fine lines go away, it greatly boosts our confidence. Following a daily skincare routine helps eliminate all your wrinkles and fine lines and makes you feel good.

What Skincare Products to Use?

Here are some basic skincare products you all should use:


The multi-purpose cleanser is a crucial product that a person should never miss. A good cleanser keeps your skin looking good and feeling clean, well, and healthy.


People with dry skin should consider using moisturizers to have healthy skin. It keeps an individual from having dry skin and prevents your skin from over-producing skin oil.


Protection from the sun's UV rays is a crucial step in any individual's skincare routine. Exposure to sunlight without protection can lead to sun damage and skin cancer.

Sublime Balm

This amazingly scented multi-purpose balm will enhance your skin's radiance. You can use this sublime balm as a moisturizer. Night/day balm or under your primer.

Wrapping Up

A final bit of advice: price does not always dictate quality. Please don't have to spend a lot of funds to have a great skincare routine. Sure, certain ingredients such as antioxidants and retinoids can be costly. Still, with a bit of research and knowledge, you'll be able to find great quality and effective products that will not blow out your budget.

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