Sat, 30 Sep 2023

Bigger tires for performance and appearance? Well, this is why many ATV owners want for their bikes. However, the biggest may not be as good as you think. Therefore, before you head out to buy the new tires, read this article to know if larger tires that suit your ATV.

Can You Install Bigger Tires on ATVs?

Yes, you are allowed to install the larger wheels. However, you should know that the manufacturer chose the size of the original tires for a reason. They consider other crucial factors to ensure it is the right size for the ATV. Therefore, understand that bigger tires affect the performance of your bike and other things. It is crucial to find the right tires depending on the size and make of your ATV. So, if you are looking for the best fit, check this out.

The Consequences of Larger Tires on ATVs

You can modify your vehicle as you wish. However, keep in mind that you will affect its performance and stability. If you have to change the size of the tires, ensure you do not exceed 2 inches of the original diameter. Otherwise, oversize tires will cause the following problems.

  • Higher Center of Gravity
  • When you install larger tires, they lift the body of your ATV, which means a higher center of gravity. This affects how you maneuver the vehicle. Therefore, it is more likely for the ATV to tip over, especially when going down or uphill, or cornering. If you have to use bigger wheels, try buying those with wider offsets.

  • Clearance Problems
  • When you install large tires on a small AT, you notice that the wheels touch the body and other parts of the vehicle. It may be safe to ride on smooth terrains. However, when it gets rough, and the wheels start bouncing, you start noticing the problems. In short, they get in the way of other vehicle components. The best thing to do is to use a lift kit to curb the clearance problem. You may also use wheel spacers to help move the tires outwards.

  • Warranty Issues
  • As mentioned earlier, manufacturers design ATVs with specific expectations of the performance of every part. Therefore, when you interfere with the details, you risk losing the warranty. It means the manufacturer will not be responsible should any issue happen after the modification.

  • Low Acceleration
  • Oversized wheels on smaller ATVs are heavier than the original ones. Furthermore, their mass makes it challenging to apply gear and rotates. Therefore, with these two problems, expect to have issues with acceleration. It can be inconvenient for racers who want high acceleration. Therefore, know the kind of rider you are to see if it is right to change the tires. Other issues you may experience include loss of torque and enhanced wear and tear.

    Installing oversize tires on the ATV has its benefits. However, it also has more negative consequences like the ones discussed above. Therefore, before you choose the tires, decide if they are worth the risk and whether they will enhance your riding. Weigh its advantages and disadvantages and choose what works best for you.

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