Tue, 03 Oct 2023

Many businesses do not look at the time as just any tool to run their business. Instead, it is more of an asset that affects the business brand over time. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why the employee time clock has become popular lately.

It is software that helps employers track their employees' time and see what they are using their official time for. This information can give employers a way to streamline and strategies new projects, business operations, payroll, and much more.

Let's know more about time tracking and understand why it's important for businesses.

What Is Time Tracking?

Time tracking is the process of tracking employees' time on billable and non-billable tasks. While there are numerous implications in terms of time tracking and how you can relate to a successful business, one key factor makes tracking time crucial — you cannot manage time that you don't teach.

For instance, a content creator can take a whole day to complete one article. Yet, at the same time, another content creator creates two pieces of content in the same amount of time. Is that their ability to produce content? Or is it just time management differently?

If you can track your time, you will know how to utilize it better. And if you know how to utilize it, you can make the most out of your employees' invested time working for you.

Importance Of Time Tracking For Remote Teams

Today, remote work has become a common norm. But, that doesn't mean businesses and employees are adequately prepared to handle the challenges that come with remote working.

When it comes to remote work, trust becomes the biggest asset. No manager will allow their employees to do remote work if the manager doesn't believe them in their responsibility.

At the same time, no one wants to go unrecognized, especially for the hard work they have done. Today in 2022, almost 37% of the workers worldwide are continuing their jobs remotely. If you are a part of that 37% group, it is important that your hard work is clearly projected to your superiors.

This is where time tracking software can help employees and employers track the productivity of the employees.

1. Know Where Employee's Time Is Going

As more and more businesses are leaving the real world and setting up their shop digitally, one of the most immediate pain points for businesses is to track and maintain work productivity.

Remote work is a great way to increase productivity. But it is only helpful when the employees know where their time is being invested in.

For instance, if an employee mixes their official working hours with doing house chores, they will become less productive. While they might be a responsible employee, because they are not able to track their time, they don't know where their valuable time is going.

2. Keep Control Over Contracted Hours

It is important to understand that time tracking doesn't benefit the employers but also benefits the staff. As employers can see where their employees are investing their time in, employees can set track themselves to become more productive.

With a time clock with gps, contractual staff can create detailed reports with the help of tools. This system can offer more clarity for what they are charging from the companies and how to avoid any raised questions on billing.

Regular staff can benefit from the tracking too. For example, time tracking can help the employees build extra work by putting in more hours every day. This can help the employees ask for increased pay.

3. Manage The Team Better

Running a virtual team is a new trend for managers. Managing employees without having any face-to-face conversation can feel pretty foreign and out of place. But, for any project, if a team manager wants to make a shift and go digital, they need to take up this challenge. While managing remote employees can be difficult, time management software tools can help.

With time management software, managers can check the progress of the employees working on a project, make employee assessments, create shift schedules and ensure work is completed and employees are happy.

In addition, every time management software has an admin that keeps a close eye on the metrics, creates charts and offers valuable insights on where employees are investing their time.

4. Improve Self Management

With the shift to remote work culture, employees are expected to have self-management skills. Because it is self-management that allows the employees to complete their work despite being surrounded by things they would like to invest their time into.

Time-tracking management tools allow employees and employers to see where most of their time is invested. One of the goals of time-tracking software tools is to let employees see where they are spending their time and make the necessary adjustments to become more productive.

5. Create Accountability For Everyone

Finally, time tracking is all about keeping the employees accountable for their time working for the organization. You are in the modern era; you don't have to follow a haphazard method to have a time stamp card.

It is true that you trust your employees with their work, but even if they are working solo, you would want to make things easy for them.

When you have a remote team working on a project, it is difficult to make them accountable for the job. Time tracking software will tell you about their time spent on the projects and make them accountable.


Attempting to manage your employees, their time, and allocated tasks can be very challenging, especially when you don't have any time management software. While it is certainly doable, and you might be able to pull through without using any software tool, times are changing.

Businesses are looking for technological solutions to automate their business process and save some at hand to think about business expansion. This is where time tracking tools are helping the completers manage their employees and their time to boost productivity.

If you are thinking of managing your remote workers effectively and expanding your business simultaneously, you should give time management tools a shot.

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