Tue, 30 May 2023

Edge Video Player prides itself on being an innovative web3 live streaming platform. It operates on a decentralized CDN and empowers the audience by helping them opt for personalized content, and that too monetized. Edge Video aims to accomplish its goal by revolutionizing the streaming experience with Watch2Earn on the EDGE Web3 Video Network

About Watch2Earn, Tag2Earn and Own2Earn

Web3 is based on the principle of recirculation of wealth. In the 21st century, all platforms are grounding themselves on profitability, and view the entire audience as a large, homogenous consumer. From targeted ads to data shuffling, corporations are trying to deeply integrate digital marketing within their systems. In this paradigm, web3 platforms like Edge Video decentralize their networks to formulate a more user-focused environment for their viewers by utilizing cutting edge advancements in technology.

Edge's Watch2Earn feature, however, is a little different. It is a key feature enabling viewers to earn by simply streaming content they like.

Similarly, the Tag2Earn feature on Edge enables viewers to tag on-screen personalities, and earn each time they come into screen view.

Edge Video's Own2Earn feature is quite simple. Edge uses AI to convert moments and personalities into NFTs and owning these NFTs can help you earn Edge Video Token ($EAT).

About Watch2Earn:

When viewers watch live streams, they would be able to receive $EAT Tokens by engaging with the live videos and employing the Own2earn and Tag2earn principles. The purpose of this feature is to attract more viewers onto a platform that enables them to benefit from their own watch time using Edge Video's streaming site, earnify.tv, where viewers can connect their Metamask wallets and start earning $EAT. The purpose of this feature is to attract more viewers onto a platform that enables them to benefit from their own watch time.

EDGE Watch2Earn Platform can instantly be added to any of the 860,000 video streaming sites and apps globally to increase revenue through increased ad consumption and by sharing content. Watch2Earn is supported by the EDGE Web3 Video Network. The most advanced, decentralized network of interactive live streams available in the market.

Viewers earn $EAT, which is the Edge Video Token and the native currency of the platform. The Edge Video Token is then used to buy FAICE-S as NFTs. Subsequently, these can be converted to other cryptocurrencies through the viewer's crypto wallet.

Watch2Earn is a blockchain feature, and a reformatory stance towards a truly decentralized system. To better understand the Watch2Earn feature on Edge Video, we can start by comparing it to Play2Earn.

Watch2Earn vs Play2Earn:

Play2Earn is a feature that enables players to earn rewards inside video games; these rewards can then be translated to have some utility in the real world. This enables the audience to make money in the real world by investing their time in virtual reality.

One example of Play2Earn is the game, Axie Infinity. The game lets people acquire and breed one-of-a-kind animals. These animals can be adorned with skins and other objects, which adds to their value. Each Axie represents an NFT, and its value can be monitored.

Play2Earn was a revolutionary step brought about by blockchain technology. Watch2Earn, however, takes this revolution a step further. The feature enables the audience to earn by simply watching videos. This is the future of the streaming industry because the feature does not just present the audience with an alternative to a structured job, but also the ability to monetize their free time. The Edge Video platform and watch2earn features enable consumers to market their worth to the consumer market.

Edge Video and Allied Esports:

In order to curate an exciting experience for their audience, Edge Video has partnered with exciting channels like Allied Esports, World Poker Tour, Ski TV, Euro News, and many more.

Allied Esports is an exciting venture. The channel remains at the forefront of esports and has assembled an impressive audience, ranking itself to be one of the largest growing esports companies in the industry. Allied Esports carries a series of brand-name tournaments like Frags, Knockdown, Saturday Night Speedway, and the Legend Series.

Allied Esports gives gamers a platform to play and earn, and then Edge Video gives Allied Esports a platform to stream on a decentralized platform and reach relevant viewers with Edge's AI tagging. Viewers can then be notified when their personality of choice comes on-screen via Edge Video's AI tagging functionality.

Why Edge Video?

The inevitable transition into the world of web3 brings with it blockchain technology and a decentralized system, Edge Video, with features like Watch2Earn, will bring a revolution to the world of streaming and help empower its consumers.

Watch2Earn increases ad supported revenue for videos by multiplying the audiences' watch-time by paying them in $EAT (crypto) and increasing the number of viewers through channel sharing. As more viewers share the content, the value of the $EAT increases.

Edge Video aims to utilize features like Watch2Earn and help users retain the most out of their streaming experience. The platform aims to raise the consumer's portfolio and convert the audience into participatory, active members of the community.

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