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Light and shadow play an undeniably important role in creating atmospheres, highlighting focal points and creating layers of space. To create the perfect house, you can't ignore the selection and using of lighting. Lighting is a kind of furniture that has a much greater spatial presence than actual volume. Having more considerations on using them to let the aesthetics shine in your home.

First of all, we should know the type of lighting used in home interior.

  • Ambient lighting: a general lighting source that brighten evenly over a wide range of the space, with a soft lighting.
  • Outline lighting: is responsible for emphasizing the outline of walls, ceilings, etc. It will enhance the sense of space.
  • Accent lighting: the lighting range is small to compare the ambient lighting. It is more concentrated, mainly used to highlight, emphasize the area or specific object.
  • Different areas means different functions. The point will be shown in the design of interior. The using of lighting is same, the lighting should be different of different parts of house.

    1. Living room

    Living room is the main activity area of the family, most of the home activities are carried out here, so it needs a lot of ambient lighting. Generally, choosing chandeliers as the source of the ambient lighting and to be a central point of the room is a good choice, but floor lamp is not bad. It can be as a area point and has the function of emphasizing.

    Modern 18-Light Sputnik Chandelier from Vonluce

    In addition, some auxiliary lighting can also be used to enhance the creation of atmosphere, considering that too bright lighting tends to cause glare, so the lighting that can be adjusted for angle may be a better choice.

    Using bias lighting smartly. Using back lighting or spot lighting onto the back of the TV to reduce the fatigue caused by the concentration of the eyes on the TV light source.

    2. Kitchen:

    The function of the kitchen is clear, cooking with knives, it needs enough brighten. on the other hand, in this space, there may be fumes, so the lightings with simple and generous shape, the surface is easy to clean and the material is not easy to corrosion.

    The main light source lighting on the top of the kitchen will be blocked by people and wall cabinets, so the operating table is dark, then it will be better than installing spotlighting or recessed lights above the operating table to brighten the operating area. And sensor lights may be a more convenient and energy-efficient option.

    3. Dining room:

    The lighting in the dining room should not be too bright or too dark, both situations make eating be uncomfortable; the tone should be soft and quiet so that people can have an enjoyable and comfortable meal.

    The choice of lighting furniture to be considered the height of the floor. The distance between the lighting and the table is about 700mm. At this time, lights reflect on the face and will not block the sight of people at the table. What's more, when the lightings are larger or use multiple lightings, such as use a big chandelier or a set of pendant lights, the total width of the lightings do not exceed 1/2 the length of the table.

    If you 're worried about whether the height is the best, you can choose the adjustable-height pendant light or chandelier.

    Rustic 3-Light Pendant Light from Vonluce

    4. Bedroom

    Bedroom as a rest area, should choose soft lighting. And the light does not too strong, not too cold tone. Warm color makes warm bedroom. Using strip lighting, wall sconces or even small chandeliers will help make atmosphere in the bedroom, but it'll be better that make the light mainly on the wall, do not make people feel uncomfortable when they are in bed.

    Floor lamp with shelves from Vonlucle

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