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Tips for Water Heater Maintenance and Installation

15 Oct 2021, 03:02 GMT+10

The water heater or a geyser requires more care than any other electronic equipment. Though manufacturers give the best elements to deal with repeated heating and cooling, you must learn that even the best components will wear down if put under constant force. You can go to any geyser service center in case of need. Here are some geyser service and installation tips to increase its life despite the constant expansion and shortening of heat and cooling.

1. Space Around The Geyser

When establishing a water heater, you must remember to hold some area between the equipment and walls. If the professional does not have a good wriggle place to examine the water heater elements, they will not do your geyser service.

Additionally, it should be easily approachable if you want to repair it or get it serviced. Some people put the geyser just on top of the toilet to probably get better access, but this prevents the professional to reach the apparatus efficiently. Therefore, you must put the geyser at some distance from the wall that has nothing under the geyser and is away from wet areas like the shower, bathtub or toilet. Anyone can easily access it with a small stool in this way.

2. Put The Water Heater At An Adequate Height

Some specialists recommend that you place the geyser at the height of at least 1.8 meters-6 feet from the ground. It also assures that the water pressure is enough, and you get a powerful hot water flow.

3. Electrical Contacts And Switches

You must find that the geyser is attached to MCB that cuts off electricity in case of power variations. This will reduce the risks of any short circuit in the water heater. Additionally, you need to set the switch at a sufficient height away from small children but not too high that you or any adult has problems while trying to reach it. You must take necessary precautions when installing a water heater.

Regular Maintenance Tips For Your Water Heater

4. Don't Let The Geyser Turned On For A Long Time

People choose to hold the geyser switched for a long time regularly throughout the morning. Everybody wants hot water before performing their everyday tasks, thinking that the geyser will save time. With today's advanced technologies, geysers heat the water within 5 minutes. So keeping the geyser on for long periods will decrease the device's life, so you should put it on for only 5 minutes before you want hot water and not half an hour before. Periodic water heater preservation can help in increasing the life of your geyser.

5. Preserve More Electricity By Reducing The Temperature

Water heater maintenance is very necessary because you can save more electricity with this. You can use a lower temperature environment because the water will reach that temperature quicker. In this way, the geyser will have to run less and ultimately results in increasing life. Furthermore, using warm water compared to very hot water can decrease the risks of any unexpected burns. Reducing the thermostat is very necessary for households with small children. So, regular geyser repair and maintenance services are very important to assure you never go out of hot water during winters.

6. Inspect The Anode Rod Inside The Tank

Big size geysers hold an anti-corrosion anode rod inside the container. This rod pulls rust and other contaminants available in the water by limiting the tank from getting oxidized or corroded. Nevertheless, it erodes every few years because of this.

Specialists recommend that you inspect the anode rod every three years to examine if the external layer of magnesium has rusted away and 6 inches or more of the internal steel core is apparent. In that case, the rod necessitates being substituted. The rod also has to be renewed if it is covered with whitish calcium deposits or its thickness has decreased considerably to below half an inch.

7. Review The Pressure Release Valve

Monitor at least once a year if the temperature and pressure discharge valves are functioning. You can examine this by clearing the pressure so many times. It can cause a big problem if the relief valve at the water heater is dripping. You must drain some amount of water out of your water geyser and then exclude the discharge tube so that you can change the valve successfully.

8. Keep An Eye On The Plug

Power variations and utilizing low capacity wiring for the power socket indicate your switch will make a flash anytime. You can also remark burn marks on your plug's pins when the higher electricity wattage will burn the plug and ultimately leave burnt spots.

To stop coming electrical short circuit from this, you must use plugs and sockets that are new and which are wired correctly and plugged in. Additionally, always try to use an MCB switch rather than a regular one because MCBs are more strongly constructed than conventional plugs, and Youprevent short-circuits should also switch on the geyser when you demand it and switch it off quickly after use.

9. Change The Plastic Pipes With Metal Pipes

You should always use metal inlet and outlet pipes because they are more repellent to heat than the usual plastic pipes, usually with a geyser. Furthermore, always check the connections regularly. If you notice any whitish deposits or rust nearby the connections, always consider replacing the inlet or outlet pipe.

10. Go For Annual Maintenance

Finally, if you do not know about doing a maintenance job on a geyser and want to avoid water heater difficulties, you can always book a professional to do the task for you. They will help you better with washing your water heater together.

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