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Retail packaging is the packaged product that companies use to ship their merchandise to the consumer. Retail packaging helps consumers find and buy products, ensure that they are all accounted for, and create a favorable experience when purchasing. Proper packaging also creates a professional look for the company as well as an efficient and effective method of shipping products. Packaging can make or break a company's sales and profits, so it is important to choose high-quality options that will provide the best results.

The main goal of retail packaging is to protect the product from damage during shipping. Companies often choose durable plastic or glass packaging over more traditional paperboard or wood packing, because these materials do not show signs of damage easily and offer a higher level of protection for product sales. Retail displays help consumers discover products while browsing, so companies need to choose displays that are attractive and informative at the same time. Consumers will spend more time shopping at a store if they can find what they're looking for and find it fast, and this is achieved through properly displayed product sales.

Retail Display System

One of the most common types of retail packaging solutions is a retail display system. This type of display usually consists of a large floor display designed to showcase the most popular items, a countertop display, and sometimes a freestanding display unit. Most floor displays are adjustable, which allows the height of the display to change to match the different products offered. Countertop displays offer a quick way to check inventory and sometimes feature an automatic bar code system that allows purchases to be matched up with the correct product. Freestanding displays can be used to promote newly released products or simply as a decorative fixture.

As a part of any retail packaging solutions, displays need to be functional and appealing. Customers will not spend time browsing if it is difficult to see what they're buying. Considerate design is essential in both functionality and appeal, so take the time to evaluate the size, height, and color of each display. While a white, clear plastic unit may be appealing, it is often difficult for customers to see items clearly when they are this close to eye level. If the product is too high, it can also hide or obscure the product details, causing the shopper to re-search for the item instead of noticing its benefits. Height is an important factor, especially when it comes to products that are on display in a vertical fashion.

Food-Only Display

Some types of point-of-purchase displays include a food-only display, which highlights healthy, nutritional products; a sandwich display that advertises the items in a block format; and a salad display that highlights all the items in a block with clean attractive lines. Another common type of point-of-purchase displays is a barcode scanner display. These products can help reduce product returns, which can be a costly expense for many companies. When scanning products or simply finding specific products or items, a barcode scanner can make quick work of finding the right product at the right place.

Benefits of Retail Packaging

  • Retail packaging solutions can enhance merchandising and draw attention to current promotions or new items. When properly used, point-of-purchase displays can improve product visibility and sales by attracting the eyes of shoppers. This type of merchandising allows buyers to find products and items quickly and allows sellers to attract new customers. By improving the visibility of products, sales can also increase as more people are exposed to new or different items. This allows retailers to expand their customer base and improve profitability.
  • There are many benefits to using retail packaging solutions to promote products and items. By using the latest technology, these displays attract more people and have a higher appeal to customers. This type of retail packaging can be a very valuable marketing tool. In addition to promoting current promotions, it can also allow for future promotions by allowing consumers to choose what items they would like to buy. Many consumers enjoy the ability to choose from a wide variety of items that can be used in many different ways.
  • Retail packaging displays are a great investment for any business looking to advertise and improve their profit margin. Atlantic Retail Packaging solutions can help businesses advertise their product line and give them a more attractive look. The main benefit of using this type of retail display is the amount of time it saves on the part of the business. Time is a commodity in today's economy and using retail packaging displays allows for quicker product exposure.

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