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How Scary Are the Asian Giant Hornets

02 Oct 2021, 05:33 GMT+10

If you have taken a staple diet of discovery and NatGeo, you have probably heard about the Asian giant hornets. These are aggressive predators that are known for disfiguring the heads of honey bees, and decimating them. However, very little is known about the threat these hornets pose to human beings. While these scary looking creatures generally stay away from people, their bites are laden with neurotoxins. Moreover, they can grow as big as 2 inches in length, and their typical hideouts are often difficult to locate. Are you starting to get worried? There is no reason to. Services like Schertz pest control are available all over the US at reasonable rates, in case you these beasts decide to invade your garden.


Generally, the Asian hornets create nests underground, or occupy old abandoned places like tunnels. The hornets are also often found at the bottom of giant tree roots. The aloof nature of their hideouts makes it so that humans have generally very little to fear. However, during unusual instances, these hornets have killed as many as 50 people in a year in countries like Japan. This might change in countries like the US in upcoming years, as the species has begun invading the North American continent only recently. Furthermore, the species often has a leg up on other species of hornets including the European hornet, which is far less invasive, and predatory. Currently, the species has been found in large numbers in areas like Washington.

Are Hornets Your Worst Enemy?

Despite the considerable threat that Asian hornets pose for people, there are far more dangerous pests out there. For example, each year about 50,000 people in the United States find themselves hospitalized due to pests, mainly the yellow jackets, and wasps. On the other hand, if you are an environmentalist, the Asian hornet can concern you significantly. For example, the Asian hornet is known for decimating the local population of bees.

As you have probably heard, bees are disappearing due to growing deforestation. Hence, you can take additional responsibility to inform authorities about the invasion of Asian Hornets in your area. Before you take on the hornet as pest control, remember these creatures sting! The last way you want to deal with them is to turn into your dream of becoming a pest control technician to impress your loved one. Once threatened these hornets often attack in large numbers, and often only trained professionals are equipped to deal with them.

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