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Medical students and residents are evaluated for their clinical knowledge and skills as well as adherence to standards of conduct. If you are facing suspension or dismissal from your residency program, you need a medical student discipline defense lawyer to guide you in a negotiated solution. Also, your lawyer can help you present your medical student appeal to overturn decisions that can negatively affect your medical career.

Medical schools have their own rules, codes of conduct, and internal procedures. Thus, if you face a misconduct allegation, you can be expelled from school or terminated from a residency program. Thankfully, a lot of these issues provide levers for intervention such as direct representation during hearings. By acting quickly, you can avoid, mitigate, or minimize penalties and consequences.

Common Forms of Allegations Medical Students and Residents May Face

No matter which of the following forms of allegations you may face, you have to get ahead of the game by consulting a lawyer. Never assume the allegation against you is a minor issue. How serious the issue can become depends on how it is handled.

  • Sexual assault. Accusations of sexual assault in colleges and universities are handled under Title IX. Under this law, you should be given the right to a fair hearing, which occurs before a board composed of school and student body officials. An administrative hearing in school does not afford you the due process you would have enjoyed in a criminal proceeding. Thus, the process can be quick and you could be charged and sanctioned before you can defend yourself. Apart from possible suspension or expulsion, the discipline may be disclosed on any professional applications such as a medical license or security clearance background checks.
  • Academic misconduct issues. Academic misconduct includes cheating and plagiarism. If the school alleges you violated the student code of conduct, you will be notified of any investigation the school will conduct. You may be offered a disciplinary conference or a hearing. Your lawyer will recommend the one you need to accept when given the option.
  • Medical student appeals. You may want to appeal assignments, final grades, promotion standards, graduation decisions, and examinations. You may need to submit a written letter of appeal along with supporting documentation to your dean.

If you are facing potential academic misconduct issues, contact a lawyer immediately to schedule an initial consultation. The best attorney understands your unique circumstances and the issues you face. They will help you reach ideal resolutions.

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