Mon, 29 Nov 2021

Living in the era of high technologies, a lot of students all over the world get the opportunity to study remotely, attending classes wherever they are. After the global pandemic and lockdown, distance education became a new normal. Though it's a safe way of education, a lot of problems arose as well. First and foremost, the biggest advantage for many students is to stay productive. Yet, it's possible when you know what to do.

7 Productivity Tips For Students To Maximize The Workflow

Below we outlined 7 effective ways to boost your productivity and maximize your workflow when studying remotely. Check them all and find your inspiration.

Tip #1 Start Early With Your Regular Morning Routine

Even if you study remotely, it doesn't have to impact how you get ready for studying. The best way to stay productive to keep to the routine:

  • Wake up early and/or at the same time when you go to classes;
  • Make your bed;
  • Do exercises;
  • Eat a good breakfast.
  • You have caught the idea: follow the established habits to keep a productive rhythm. Your morning routine will help you to wake up and hit the right tune.

    Tip #2 Create a Space Dedicated to Work and Study

    It's always a good idea to have a designated workspace that will help you to focus on your academics. Maintain a supportive environment and build a dedicated workspace by having notebooks, writing utensils, chargers, as well as printing some motivating posters on the walls. Thus, just use a free poster or booklet maker with pre-made templates to create some posters that will help you to focus and have a successful school day.

    Tip #3 Eliminate Distractions

    Just stay away from personal distractions: turn off your phone, stop chatting with friends, stop checking social media, and any other distractions. Let your family and other peers know where you plan on studying and go to your working place to solely focus on academics. Try to keep the school time as similar to what you would do when going to class in person.

    Tip #4 Schedule Your Day

    Just try to follow the regular school schedule. It's highly important to set a schedule for when to study, break, eat. Yes, make sure that you add time for lunch and 2-3 short 15 minute breaks throughout the day.

    Create a to-do list to keep away from getting distracted and maintain focus and productivity. Thus, you can track your productivity and manage the tasks more efficiently. Here are a few tips on how to write an effective to-do list:

  • Set goals and determine daily priorities;
  • Keep it to a manageable size (no more than 5 items at a time);
  • Be specific and extremely clear with every task you plan to do;
  • Add structure to your to-do list (the most important tasks on the top);
  • Sync it with your calendar.
  • Tip #5 Create An Agenda

    Besides the schedule, you can set alarms and break your study session up into manageable chunks of time. It's bound to help you to organize your time and scheduled breaks. When it comes to the multiple subjects to study, it's the best way to maximize your workflow. Set reasonable limits for how much time you spend on a certain subject, studying, relaxing, walks, exercises, and so on.

    Tip #6 Stay Connected With Your Instructors And Colleagues

    When working on a team or you have some projects to do with your colleagues, then make sure to connect with them regularly. Plan calls and video meetings to stay connected with them. Today, there are a lot of free tools to use for this purpose like Slack, Skype, Zoom, and many more.

    Tip #7 Try To Limit How Much You Multitask and Prioritize Your Health

    As soon as you feel that the busy schedule or excessive work overwhelms and takes a toll on you, then it's better to take a break or distract yourself a little bit. Always put your health, both mental and physical, at the maximal priority. Shorten your to-do list or try to re-plan your day to feel more comfortable and study at your individual pace. Also, make sure that you get enough sleep, good food, regular exercise, and spend enough time in the fresh air.

    In a Word

    Now you know 7 simple yet highly effective productivity tips. By committing them, you'll be surprised by how these simple actions can boost your productivity and improve your performance. Following these tips, don't forget to track your feelings and prioritize your health. In case you are tired, there is nothing bad about having an extra break or doing something to freshen up your mind, but don't let chores distract you from being productive. As soon as you feel better, come back to your education process.

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