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Press Freedom In The Bahamas

08 Sep 2021, 03:33 GMT+10

Let's first have a geography check. The Bahamas is a commonwealth residing within the West Indies in the Atlantic. This barrier reef on Earth is the 3rd largest. More than 700 islands in this tropical hot spot with beauty, fantastic weather, and much more.

The nation is known for its pink beaches and swimming pigs that can only be seen in the Bahamas. It is the destination for the Richie riches and holds history about pirates. As the Bahamas enjoys its ultimate beauty, it also enjoys the freedom of speech and press freedom. According to its constitution, the nation comprises freedom of speech and press.

Here we would put the light on the same aspect.

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Press and Speech Freedom

The media groups in the Bahamas are expressive with their views and face only a few restrictions to censorship. For example, in the 1930s, they established a national radio station for broadcasting warnings about hurricanes. Today this service gets funds from advertising and the public treasury.

The Bahamas Human Rights Report once published about the 29 private radio stations and endless print and online publications. All of these support multiple viewpoints; there are four private TV stations in New Providence.

In the freedom of speech and press, the Bahamas holds a similar ranking as the United States having a total score of 23/100. The country has also received the distinction of "free," indicating its people and their rights to express themselves.

World Press Freedom Day 2021

A few months ago, the media became the witness of World Press Freedom Day. The media houses admired the government for appointing a freedom of information commissioner. This effort of government nearly made the Freedom of Information Act the law. Hence there were applauds for the information commissioner's freedom nomination.

Later, the Press Club President Anthony Capron clarified that how this step is a progress toward the future of democracy and how being the members of media, they are supportive of it.

He further stated things about the deputy's selection and that of the information commissioner. According to him, these selections justify why World Press Freedom Day is widely celebrated.

The United States made this day a vital date to raise awareness about media freedom. It worked as a reminder of the rights of expression. The overall concept is a part ofArticle 19 which happened in 1948 regardingHuman Rights.

This year the World Press Freedom Day has been celebrated with the theme "Information as a Public Good."

Capron hailed stated that about the freedom of speech aspect. He mentioned how the aspect considers every person worldwide even during the pandemic.

The man also spoke about the Bahamas Press Club that comprises brave journalists who report any injustice without any fear. These people take action toward every abuse and hence these people are worthy of applauds.

"We salute those in The Bahamas who are daily insulted and vilified for their attempts at seeking out truth and fair play."

He said that he also has immense respect for those who are serving the war zones. These people are living a life based on their stories or their stories are the source of their living.

Historical Background

The interesting history of the Bahamas says that the first people were Lucayan, who arrived from Cuba. This takes us back to the era when Christopher Columbus explored the New World and landed on San Salvador in 1492. Columbus called the islands shallow water, and hence it was named "Bahamas" - the islands of the shallow sea.

The tribe, however, got into slavery and was killed by diseases. In 1649, English Puritans arrived here with the hope of religious freedom and got settled. In the 1600s and the early 1700s, the land was also ruled by pirates.

However, in 1718, peace was restored when the pirates surrendered; this returned peace to the Caribbean.

Today, the majority of people there are black or Afro-Bahamian, with 15 percent of white people and only two percent of Asians and Latinos. The independent nation serves as one of the most popular tourist destinations we all know and fall for.

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