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Inventagon, Innovation for Life

31 Aug 2021, 08:02 GMT+10

People say that 'Civility is dead,' but is it? Being mindful of the current era, it can be said that people have become slightly colder and selfish but not detached and insensitive. The concern, generosity, and love for each other still exist. There are many people and organizations that think about the greater good and serve humanity without being selfish. One firm that is working with technology and aims to ease human lives on a whole is Inventagon, an innovative bio-technical company that invents and designs new ideas to ease medical procedures and eventually bring peace to people. Launched by Jarl Jensen, an inventor himself, this bio-technical firm is known for its cutting-edge designs of the latest medical instruments. The company is all about experimenting with new ideas and introducing simple and easy medical procedures to the world. It was founded in 2009 and has since then established itself as a reputable bio-technical company and has given multiple successful projects to the medical industry.

Following the slogan of 'Innovate. Patent. Prosper.' Inventagon's inventions, creations, and additions in the medicinal world have brought huge transformations. Its services include computerized designs, invention, rapid prototyping, 3D modeling and printing, printed circuit board design, embedded software engineering, microprocessor programming, ISO9000 design regulations, FDA Design Control, medical adhesive design, advanced metabolic devices design, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and lots more.

Jarl Jensen has an excellent background in working in the field of invention. He had contributed to a patent with his father at the age of sixteen. And soon after his father's demise, took over his medical company. It can be said that Jarl had it in his blood to be connected to the field of medicine. Laying the foundation to Inventagon has enabled them to continue his and his father's dream to help and serve humanity at large. According to Jarl's observation, one of the most neglected and least thought about parts of any medical examination procedure is its machinery. Often the machines used during medical examination are tough to handle. The bigger the machinery, the more time it takes to be operated, which elongates the duration of the procedure, which endures more pain to the patient. The entire point of designing machinery and instruments in Inventagon is to make the existing medical processes easier, quicker, and less painful.

To date, the company has produced prototypes of advanced wound care, advanced orthodontics, advanced cosmetics, advanced probiotics, advanced life extension, advanced chronic disease prevention, and many more.

Think. Design. Create.

There are plenty of students and ambitious people in the world who do not get a chance to fulfill their dreams due to financial constraints. Their inability to portray their talent and skills to the world hinders their growth and keeps the world away from intelligent and smart ideas. Belonging to the modern era, Jarl recognizes this issue and has come up with the idea of funding their big ideas.

In addition to designing and creating medical instruments and tools, Inventagon also focuses on helping entrepreneurs and helps them to elevate their plans. The experts at Inventagon perform a complete background check and review the aspirant's idea before investing in it. To date, this company has helped thousands of individuals fulfill their dreams and provide a platform to showcase their talent to the world. The company has an eye for talent and picks up the best in the lot that has the potential to stir a change in the biotechnical industry. Its exemplary services have also been awarded the 'Medical Device Design Award' by MD&M.

Among the many companies that are working for the betterment of humanity, Inventagon remains on the list of highest ranked ones. This is because it has two objectives; to help save the lives of patients by inventing effective machinery and to help preserve and execute the ideas of entrepreneurs. Another hidden but important factor about Inventagon is that it has great concerns for its healthcare workers. Jensen is well aware of paramedic staff and their day-to-day struggles. As hectic as their jobs are already, dealing with a complex examination machine could be a nightmare. So, to facilitate the doctors, consultants, and experts, Jensen has eased their difficulties by creating simple and effective prototypes of machines. With its team of professionals, Inventagon is working towards bringing forward new solutions to the failing healthcare system every day.

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